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 Since founded in 2006, Saitell has been providing state-of–
the-art CCTV products, solutions and OEM service to
clients from all over the world. In 2011, the software
leader for digital video surveillance systems, Unisight
Digital Technologies, Inc., becomes a joint venture
partner of Saitell. This joint venture brings us a complete
solution for hardware and software in CCTV field. In
2016, Saitell has been authorized by Shenzhen Lonbon
Technology Co., Ltd. as their Exclusive Overseas Agent 

for their IP intercom products. And Saitell's product line 

gets more enriched and our surveillance solution becomes 

more perfect.



 Clients are the most important to Saitell. We are always

willing to listen carefully to customers' needs. To realize our

goal “WE PROTECT”, Saitell will continue to be

dedicated to satisfying all your demands and providing a

complete solution to you.






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