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There's an EmPower product for every solution! From entry-level products to the latest in cutting-edge video surveillance technology, Saitell provides feature-rich reliable cameras, video servers, and accessories at a competitive price.
Utilizing analog cable structuring you can breathe new life into existing installations by deploying HD over coax cameras and video recorders. EmPower penta-brid technology support all four major HD analog standards and IP devices simultaneously.


With ultra-high definition (UHD) becoming the new standard, 4K video is the surveillance resolution of the future-delivering four times the resolution of HD 1080p cameras for superior picture quality and image clarity.
While maintaining compatibility with the H.264 compression algorithm, Saitell's EmPower products can optimize your deployment with the advantages H.265 compression offers. With H. 265 algorithm you can lengthen your storage retention times, maximize image clarity, and lower bandwidth requirements for streaming video.


With PTZ-like controls you can see the original video stream, a complete wide-screen panorama and a dewarp view all at the same time, also can intuitively move around the 360°camera angle just like a virtual PTZ on both live video streams and on recorded video files.

The Digital E-map Server module is a centralized map server that provides a graphical based navigation method to the Video Management Client module. By employing a secondary monitor on the client PC you can view the physical layout of the site and the video streams simultaneously.

  • Locational Awareness - Not only can users view the video streams, they can also view the physical location and orientation of the cameras on the E-map giving them a greater sense of locational awareness.
  • Interactive Icons with Realtime Status - With the Snapshot Preview you can hover your cursor over a camera icon on the E-map to see a video snapshot. You can double-click a camera group icon to view an entire visual zone. With the same color coded icon status indicators you”ll be quickly notified of alerts from video signal losses and sensor input triggers to I/O relays and server status.


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