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Saitell Network Video Wall Solution

Video wall solution is an importance part in the whole project, for our NEW Network video wall solution, we will show you New product - All-in-one CCTV Monitor, which makes more simple and more convenient.
Network video wall solution | Introduction
All-in-one CCTV Monitor | Features
43" All-in-one CCTV Monitor (22"/49"/55"/65" optioinal)
  • Embedded operating system, friendly GUI and easy to handle;
  • Available to add any ONVIF IP cameras, support H.265 and H.264 video compression;
  • Video display mode include: 1/3/4/5/7/9/16/25/36/49/64 split;
  • Support Multiple monitors cluster, splicing, and combined, it can be combined to video wall under M*N≤16;
  • Support function of centralized control/management, support mouse crossing screens and roaming;
  • Support PIP (Picture in Picture) and POP (Picture on Picture) function;
All-in-one CCTV Monitor | Benefits
  • It is professional display device for surveillance projects. Industrial level, ensuring the stability of 7/24 running
  • With network function. Directly manage and display IP video data from front-end
  • Embedded operating system, powerful video management function. It can be independently grouped as sub-controls
  • Easy operation. Just one wireless mouse or keyboard needed for control and management when multiple monitors combined as video wall
  • Superior compatibility. It can manage and display all IP video data from word’s leading brand
  • With PTZ control, alarm linkage and other advanced video management
All-in-one Monitor | Intellgent Centralized Control
  • A single mouse supports up to 24 monitors centralized control
  • Set the monitor with mouse connected as server, other monitors as work station for standby server
  • Mouse cursor color and size adjustable
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