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Green-lighting you to achieve your best, get EmPowered!

There's an EmPower product for every solution! From entry-level products to the latest in cutting-edge video surveillance technology, we provide feature-rich reliable cameras, video recorder, and accessories at a competitive price!
EmPower products supports a lot of powerful feature: H.265+ makes you save more HDD space; With ultra-high definition (UHD) becoming the new standard, 4K video is the surveillance resolution of the future - delivering four times the resolution of HD 1080p cameras for superior picture quality and image clarity; with the functions of starlight and WDR, more satisfying for special application such as the streets at night; Face detection and other intelligence function are becomes more sensitive; Certainly, any alarm push will receive on your IOS or Android system.
Our VMS has been widely used in retail, gaming, banking, city surveillance, healthcare, education, logistics, transportation, integrations and more different industries. Our strategic partnerships with the top ranked worldwide camera manufacturers and the most popular third-party software developers enable us to provide the total solution in the industry. Wide range selections, best price and technical support that means the best of total cost of ownership for you and your loyal customers.
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