Since founded in 2006, Saitell has been providing state-of–the-art CCTV products, solutions and OEM service to clients from all over the world. Saitell’ s product line gets enriched by IP intercom system and our surveillance solution becomes more perfect. Saitell has been authorized by Shenzhen Lonbon Technology Co., Ltd. as their Exclusive Overseas Agent.

4K Network recorder, Starlight PTZ network camera, WDR panoramic network camera, Penta-brid XVR, Coaxial line HD Camera;

Our factory is a leading and professional manufacturer and solution provider of audio and video intercom system in the world. Our products are manufactured under strict quality supervision, CE and RoHS certificate. Meanwhile, our factory is one of the members of China Security and Safety Council, being awarded as "Top 10 Security Brand in China" and "Top 10 residential intelligent brand" .

It is a system integrated with alarm, intercom,
monitor, broadcast, AV recording. And it can be applied in community, apartment etc.

TNZ Technologies, Inc. dba Unisight Digital Products, Inc. has been a leader in the development of software for digital video surveillance systems since it was established in 1998. Unisight highly prioritizes client needs, customer-specified feature development and tailor-made SDK integration for front-end vendors. We have established outstanding manufacturer relationships and provide product flexibility to help your business attain a strong presence in the security industry.

Unisight video suveillance software is based on the H.264/H.265 codec which is utilized to offer exceptional video quality at a low storage rate.

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