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Healthcare Intercom System


Based on IP network communication technology, The ward nursing intercom system can realize the call and intercom between patients, nurses and doctors.

Support the function of Alarm & Call, Washroom Emergency Alarm, Broadcasting, Video Recording.

Scope of application: hospital, sanatorium, maternity center.

Connection Diagram

NNV Master Station



  • Video intercom: support full duplex hd video intercom, including hands-free and handle two kinds of intercom
  • Call forwarding: support for transferring call information to other hosts and time-sharing.
  • Broadcast: support all terminal equipment area, area, timing broadcast, broadcast Shouting, fire broadcast (need to purchase another fire matrix).
  • Open and close the door of ward: support the door lock of ward to open and close, and can intercom with visitors visually to realize access control management.
  • Voice broadcast: support a variety of voice broadcast nursing level: support custom nursing level Settings.
  • ight mode: support night mode, custom setting night screen sleep time.
  • Audio and video recording: support audio and video recording (another 32GB audio and video module), can be viewed locally or on the server.
  • Photo message: this function allows the nurse to record the work that needs to be transferred locally for the view of the shift nurse.
  • Power supply: power supply by power adapter (DC14V/ 1.7a).

LCD Sickbed Substation



  • Call/Cancel: Support calling care station host and cancel call.
  • Duplex Intercom: Supports duplex intercom with the station of care station and doctor station.
  • Information Query: Support to query information about nursing homes, doctors, nursing workers, elders.
  • Night mode: Supports setting night off sleep mode.
  • External interface: support external waterproof button, button junction box
  • PoE Power supply(NN-A07)
  • NN-A07

    IP substation

  • NBW-B3

    3-wire substation

  • NBW-B1

    3-wire Substation

  • NBW-B4

    Magnetic type 3-wire substation

Sickbed Substation



  • Call/Cancel: Support calling care station host and cancel call.
  • External interface: support external waterproof button, button junction box

Aluminium Alloy Casing NLV Substation



  • Duplex video intercom
  • 1080P HD video Monitoring
  • Motion detection: Supports real-time monitoring of video screen, and automatically alerts the host when the screen changes.
  • NVR docking: Supports the standard ONVIF protocol, which can transmit audio and video in real time to the network hard disk recorder.
  • Fast Call: Supports fast calls to the station.
  • Anti-demolition alarm: Built-in anti-demolition detection device will automatically alarm the host when it is removed.
  • SIP Access: support standard SIP protocol, access to SIP phone system.
  • Protective Case: Visual Substation Aluminium Alloy Casing
  • NLV-AE3-S

    Embedded Installation

  • NLV-AE6-S

    Wall Mounted Installtion

  • NLS-AE6-SK

    Wall Mounted Installation with Keypad


    Corridor display screen

  • NN-KHD

    Corridor display screen

  • NN-KJD

    Corridor display screen

Corridor Display Screen



  • Aluminum alloy frame, hoisting in the corridor.
  • Information display: support for displaying bed call, restroom alarm, nursing reinforcement, access to nursing status and other information.
  • Communication mode: TCP/IP network and RS485 two ways of communication.
  • Power supply mode: DC14V/2A
  • NNV-AD

    3-wire converter

3-wire Converter



  • It supports the conversion of BUS 3-wire(Analog signal) and IP(Network digital signal).
  • The equipment can supply power to the extension.
  • ONE NN-AD can manage 30/60/90/120 bed extensions.
  • NLS-SE

    Address Management Box

Address Management Box



  • Equipment management: support for the registration and management of network devices
  • Backup Restore: supports backup and restore of local database.
  • NTP service: supports time synchronization with NTP server and provides system time synchronization service.
  • Remote upgrade: support remote upgrade software.
  • Power supply mode: power adapter power supply (DC14V/0.8A).
  • ANW3

    Waterproof Button(Used to connect to the substation)

  • NBW-AN3

    Waterproof Button Substation

Waterproof Button



  • Alarm mode: support rope and button alarm.
  • Waterproof performance: IPX8 waterproof level, support for direct use under shower.
  • Warning: ring lamp flashing and accompanied by prompting sound.
  • Connection mode: three core bus, online coding mode (NBW-AN3)
  • NBW-ME5

    Door Lamp

Door Lamp



  • State reminders: customizable colors can be used to distinguish call grades, infusion alarm, bathroom alarm and nursing status.