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Call & Alarm SIP Intercom


Video intercom is based on IP network architecture (cross network segment and cross routing) technology, which can be used in public places where there is a network and needs to call, talk back and broadcast at any time.

The system adopts the digital audio and video technology of independent intellectual property rights, which completely solves the echo and howl of network intercom. The video is H.264, and MP3 is broadcast and 32K audio sampling is used.

Scope of application: Hotel, Command center, square park, industrial and enterprises, train/subway station, bus dispatching, parking lot, gas station, and more public places.

NLV Master Station



  • Call and Alarm: Fast calling station
  • Audio Broadcasting: Support Region-wide/Partition/Timing broadcasting, the management host can broadcast MP3 files, shouts and external audio sources for the managed equipment. (Master Station)
  • Video Recording
  • Call upload and call transfer: when there is no answer, support for connecting the local call to other station in the system.
  • Alarm linkage: Support linkage with other platforms through network protocol.
  • SIP Phone Access: it supports standard SIP communication protocol and can conduct two-way visual communication with SIP Phone.

Aluminium Alloy Casing NLV Substation



  • Duplex video intercom
  • 1080P HD video Monitoring
  • Motion detection: Supports real-time monitoring of video screen, and automatically alerts the host when the screen changes.
  • NVR docking: Supports the standard ONVIF protocol, which can transmit audio and video in real time to the network hard disk recorder.
  • Fast Call: Supports fast calls to the station.
  • Anti-demolition alarm: Built-in anti-demolition detection device will automatically alarm the host when it is removed.
  • SIP Access: support standard SIP protocol, access to SIP phone system.
  • Protective Case: Visual Substation Aluminium Alloy Casing
  • NLV-AE3-S

    Embedded Installation

  • NLV-AE6-S

    Wall Mounted Installtion

  • NLS-AE6-SK

    Wall Mounted Installation with Keypad